Berkeley DB: Database Environments and Related Methods

Database Environments and Related MethodsDescription
DbEnv::closeClose an environment
DbEnv::dbremoveRemove a database
DbEnv::dbrenameRename a database
DbEnv::errError message with error string
DbEnv::errxError message
DbEnv::lock_detectPerform deadlock detection
DbEnv::lock_getAcquire a lock
DbEnv::lock_idAcquire a locker ID
DbEnv::lock_id_freeRelease a locker ID
DbEnv::lock_putRelease a lock
DbEnv::lock_statReturn lock subsystem statistics
DbEnv::lock_vecAcquire/release locks
DbEnv::log_archiveList log and database files
DbEnv::log_fileMap Log Sequence Numbers to log files
DbEnv::log_flushFlush log records
DbEnv::log_putWrite a log record
DbEnv::log_statReturn log subsystem statistics
DbEnv::memp_registerRegister input/output functions for a file in a memory pool
DbEnv::memp_statReturn memory pool statistics
DbEnv::memp_syncFlush pages from a memory pool
DbEnv::memp_trickleTrickle flush pages from a memory pool
DbEnv::openOpen an environment
DbEnv::removeRemove an environment
DbEnv::rep_electHold a replication election
DbEnv::rep_process_messageProcess a replication message
DbEnv::rep_startConfigure an environment for replication
DbEnv::rep_statReplication statistics
DbEnv::set_allocSet local space allocation functions
DbEnv::set_app_dispatchConfigure application recovery interface
DbEnv::set_cachesizeSet the environment cache size
DbEnv::set_data_dirSet the environment data directory
DbEnv::set_encryptSet the environment cryptographic key
DbEnv::set_errcallSet error message callback
DbEnv::set_errfileSet error message FILE
DbEnv::set_error_streamSet error message output stream
DbEnv::set_errpfxSet error message prefix
DbEnv::set_feedbackSet feedback callback
DbEnv::set_flagsEnvironment configuration
DbEnv::set_lg_bsizeSet log buffer size
DbEnv::set_lg_dirSet the environment logging directory
DbEnv::set_lg_maxSet log file size
DbEnv::set_lg_regionmaxSet logging region size
DbEnv::set_lk_conflictsSet lock conflicts matrix
DbEnv::set_lk_detectSet automatic deadlock detection
DbEnv::set_lk_max_lockersSet maximum number of lockers
DbEnv::set_lk_max_locksSet maximum number of locks
DbEnv::set_lk_max_objectsSet maximum number of lock objects
DbEnv::set_mp_mmapsizeSet maximum mapped-in database file size
DbEnv::set_paniccallSet panic callback
DbEnv::set_rep_limitLimit data sent in response to a single message
DbEnv::set_rep_transportConfigure replication transport
DbEnv::set_rpc_serverEstablish an RPC server connection
DbEnv::set_shm_keySet system memory shared segment ID
DbEnv::set_tas_spinsSet the number of test-and-set spins
DbEnv::set_timeoutSet lock and transaction timeout
DbEnv::set_tmp_dirSet the environment temporary file directory
DbEnv::set_tx_maxSet maximum number of transactions
DbEnv::set_tx_timestampSet recovery timestamp
DbEnv::set_verboseSet verbose messages
DbEnv::txn_beginBegin a transaction
DbEnv::txn_checkpointCheckpoint the transaction subsystem
DbEnv::txn_recoverDistributed transaction recovery
DbEnv::txn_statReturn transaction subsystem statistics

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