Information for html2latex-0.9c:

This is an HTML to LaTeX translator.

Nathan Torkington adapted the HTML parser from NCSA's Xmosaic package
(file:// and wrote the conversion
code. The HTML parser code is subject to the NCSA restrictions. The
conversion code is subject to the VUW restrictions. Enquiries should
be sent via e-mail to


Information for libwww-5.3.2:

The W3C Reference Library is a general code base that can be used to build
clients and servers. It contains code for accessing HTTP, FTP, Gopher, News,
WAIS, Telnet servers, and the local file system. Furthermore it provides
modules for parsing, managing and presenting hypertext objects to the user
and a wide spectra of generic programming utilities. The Library is the
basis for many World-Wide Web applications and all the W3C software is build
on top of it. The Library is a required part of all other W3C applications
in this distribution.



Information for tex-3.14159:

TeX is "the" typesetting package. It was designed with no limiting
application in mind. It was intended to be able to prepare practically
any document - from a single page letter to a full book with formulae,
tables, figures, etc. The expertise of generations of professional
printers has been captured in TeX.


Information for latex2e-2000.06:

LaTeX is a TeX macro package.

The previous version of LaTeX was known as LaTeX2.09. Over the years
many extensions have been developed for LaTeX. LaTeX2e brings all
extensions back under a single format and thus prevents the
proliferation of mutually incompatible dialects of LaTeX 2.09. With
LaTeX2e the `new font selection scheme' is standard and, for example,
amstex (formerly the AmSLaTeX format) or slides (formerly the SLiTeX
format) are simply extension packages, all working with the same base
format. The introduction of a new release also made it possible to
add a small number of often-requested features and to make the task of
writing packages and classes simpler.


Information for teTeX-1.0.7:

teTeX is _the_ TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems. It
contains the latest versions of TeX & friends and nearly everything
you need for happy TeX'ing. For more information have a look at
the lengthy FEATURES file of the distribution.

Bernd Rosauer