Files and Programs

This is a complete list of all files and directories required for grok:
grok GBIN main executable
grok.hlp GLIB ascii help texts GLIB this PostScript manual
grokdir GLIB demo application directory
.grok ~ default form and database directory
.grokrc ~/.grok configuration data for grok
grok.xpm LIBDIR X pixmap icon, optional
Grok.icon ~/.icons full-color icon, SGI systems only

``GBIN'' stands for the directory specified in the GBIN macro in the Imakefile or Makefile.alt, by default /usr/local/bin. ``GLIB'' is also in the Imakefile or Makefile.alt, the default is /usr/local/lib. ``LIBDIR'' is provided by imake and depends on the system, and is typically /usr/lib/X11.

Every grok application consists of one ``form'' file and one or more ``database'' files. The form file describes the card layout and the data interpretation; they have the extension .gf. The name of the form file without the extension is put into the Database pulldown in the main window. The default location for form files is the ~/.grok directory.

The form references data files. Normally, they have the same name as the form file but with the extension .db, and are also stored in the ~/.grok directory. If the resulting path references a directory instead of a file, the contents of this directory is searched. Every file in this directory also ends in .db and becomes a section that is put into the Section pulldown. If the directory contains subdirectories, they are searched for more .db files recursively.

grok searches for form files in four locations, in the following order:

  1. the current directory,
  2. ./grokdir,
  3. ~/.grok,
  4. GLIB/grokdir

All the form files ending with .gf found in these directories are put into the Database pulldown. Form files from different directories are separated by an etched line. grok attempts to recognize and eliminate duplicate form files found over two different paths, but puts duplicate form files that it thinks are in different directories into the pulldown multiple times. This can be disabled with the preferences menu.