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Version 2.1 is out! See the CHANGES file for info on updates and changes to Xgfe.


Xgfe is a GUI front end to the Gnuplot plotting package. It is developed under Linux, is written in C++, and uses the Qt v1.32 widget set.

Xgfe tries to make your life with Gnuplot a little easier. It does not currently support every option of Gnuplot, but it supports many things. The development philosophy is a tasked oriented approach. If someone requests the ability to do XYZ, then (if possible) GUI's and support will be created to do XYZ. Xgfe does offer the ability to type commands directly to Gnuplot so its full capabilites (theoretically) are available through the GUI. See the features page for a full listing.

Xgfe was originally developed and tested with Gnuplot version 3.5 for version 1.0, but version 1.2 was tested with Gnuplot 3.6 beta 340. Xgfe communicates with Gnuplot via a named pipe so it should work with other versions also. Xgfe will not require recompiling for newer (or older) versions of Gnuplot as long as the commands remain consistent. All communication with Gnuplot is contained within the gnuInterface class which contains no GUI code, so if you want to develop your own GUI feel free to pilfer my class file and have fun. Xgfe is GPL'd software for your enjoyment.

Documentation and Source Code

Feel free to view the documentation or a few screenshots.

If you want to grab a copy, here is the source code for latest version: xgfe-2.1

Go to the download page for precompiled versions for various platforms plus archives of older versions.

Xgfe has currently been tested or reported to work with:

If someone is willing to build and contribute a RPM, dpkg, or other installable package let me know so I can include a link to it. If you are able to make it run on other platforms let me know so I can include the information above. The Makefiles have a rule for making a statically compiled version. If you are running it on another platform besides Linux, it would be nice if you would contribute a statically compiled version (or a normal shared version) for me to put on this webpage for others to use.

I would like to extend my thanks Qt Architect by Jeff Harris and Klaus Ebner which I used in creating the GUI. Graphics on this homepage were generated by The Gimp. Thanks also go out to those people all over the world who have suggested new features, contributed binaries for other platforms, or just wrote to say they like Xgfe.

Xgfe is written by David Ishee. My email is dmi1@ra.msstate.edu.

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