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Chapter 1. Introduction. The introduction first discusses the need for a tool like Wsmake, then explains how Wsmake is designed to facilitate that need. Areas of need discussed are website implementation advantages and potential resource efficiencies that may be gained. The design discussion familiarizes the user/developer with the terminology and organization of Wsmake.

Chapter 2. Wsmake usage. This chapter describes how to use Wsmake. It covers the command line options and several ways Wsmake can be used.

Chapter 3. Wsmakefile syntax. Wsmake uses a make file named wsmakefile to understand what it is supposed to do. This chapter describes how a wsmakefile file is built and what options are allowed for each section.

Chapter 4. Examples. Overviews of the examples provided with the Wsmake package are included here.

Chapter 5. Licensing. This section describes the licenses covering the use of Wsmake.