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UADE - Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator

About UADE:

UADE plays old Amiga tunes through  UAE  emulation and cloned m68k-assembler Eagleplayer API.

UADE is Open Source compatible with  Free Software definition. UADE is licensed with   GNU GPL. This software would not have been possible for us to produce without the great Free Software model which allowed us to make use of years of hard work of the UAE team. Most of the thanks goes to their pioneering work to build the necessary infrastructure, especially Bernd Schmidt, the initiator of UAE project.

The player infrastructure of UADE is built on the ground work of Eagleplayer and Delitracker projects. We want to mention few people from both projects. Jan Blumenthal and Henryk Richter from the Eagleplayer project; Peter Kunath, Frank Riffel and Florian Vorberger from Delitracker project; Those projects formed an infrastructure on which many different people produced reusable external players, thanks to them too. UADE makes these external players reusable on certain UNIX platforms.

UADE contains a free (as in freedom) implementation of Eagleplayer and Delitracker API for UNIX variants such as GNU/Linux (Alpha, PA-RISC, PPC, Playstation2 and x86), Free/OpenBSD (x86), Solaris (sparc), Digital Alpha UNIX and IRIX (mips). It is designed to be run as an XMMS  input plugin. A cmdline interface also exists.



  • basic console uade:
        GNU/Linux + FreeBSD: OSS sound output
        Sparc/Solaris: native sound output       
        IRIX/mips: Silicon Graphics Audio Library output       

        for platforms supported by SDL sound output:

        text interface: perl 5.x.y
        tk-interface: tk

  • for the XMMS plugin:
        GNU libtool (any version new enough should do)
            example download sites:


        XMMS 1.2.x (at least 1.2.2 is enough, perhaps an older xmms will do)

Online documentations:

ugly desktop (good)
uade+xmms (memories of the past;) (perl console interface) (Perl/TK X-Windows interface)
uade+xmms (kjint: xl-size)
uade+xmms(kjint: happy 2.0)
uade+xmms (full fileinfo)

Contact information:
Heikki Orsila

Related links:

This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

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