TCSH version

This module is made for tcsh version 6.06.
Version 6.05 is compatible though, except for the variables listflags and promptchars.

The Manual

The tcsh manual is available via world wide web. This page is the one which comes with your tcsh installation, so you might have it 'at home'

How to use the output

You have to two possibilities:
  • You may generate directly to your ~/.tcshrc file. This is recomented if you do NOT have a ~/.tcshrc file allready, and do NOT plan to add additional code to the output (ie. conditions).
  • You may generate to an other file than ~/.tcshrc (i.e. ~/.tcsh-dotfile). this file may then be sourced in your original ~/.tcshrc file, with the command source. The source command should be before any key bindings (the command binkey), since the page userdefined bindings, will write either bindkey -e or bindkey -v, which resets all key bindings. The source line may look like this: source ~/.tcsh-dotfile