11. 2.000beta7c

Enhancements | Fixes | Incompatibilities

11.1. Enhancements

The aliases CC and cc have been added for C++ pretty printing. This makes it easier to pretty print files with these extensions. Pretty printing of CORBA IDL is also now supported.

A number of improvements have been made to improve the formatting of document catalogs:

  • the TXT field has been added for text documents
  • the DOC field has been added for Word documents
  • REFNUMONLY:Reference can now be used to display just the code and version parts of a reference code
  • the Printer field has been renamed to Printdoc to match the name of the script in cgi-bin (the old name is still supported for backwards compatibility).

If you use the Printdoc field, the following variables control parameter values passed to the script:

  • PRINTDOC_ROOT (mandatory) - the absolute URL of the directory containing the documents
  • PRINTDOC_BACK (optional) - the absolute URL of the file to jump back to. (If not set, the html file matching the input file in the PRINTDOC_ROOT directory is used.)

Within the subsections macro, an empty section name now causes a new-line to be added at that point in the jump line output for HTML.

The text of a phrase can now be changed by setting the text attribute. (This is occasionally useful in event processing.)

11.2. Fixes

If a file doesn't exist, empty output files are no longer created. Some bugs associated with filenames containing dots have also been fixed.

The nl character now works for ps and mif targets.

Several bugs were fixed in the formatting of document catalogs:

  • if a file doesn't exist, an empty date is now output
  • detection of special file formats (e.g. PDF, TXT) has been improved
  • the page count for PostScript generated by Word is no longer 0
  • the back parameter to the printdoc script is no longer hard-coded.

Memos converted to html no longer have a table of contents unless one is explicitly requested.

REF[qsd] now works for any mincom document.

11.3. Incompatibilities