13. 2.000beta7a

Enhancements | Fixes | Incompatibilities

13.1. Enhancements

The background colour of a table can now be set via the bgcolor parameter of the table filter.

The COLOR_GREY variable is now supported.

Headings at level 6 are now supported.

The QSD front cover template now supports footers. (This is used within the MIMS documentation to show the MIMS version number.)

13.2. Fixes

Text output (txt) works again.

Memo title blocks are formatted correctly again.

The HTML generation of Delphi documents now has the "Description" heading in it, as requested by John Benders. (Previously, the heading was removed for all non-hlp targets. It is now kept for all non-ps targets.)

Topics mode now works for headings containing commas.

The box table style is now available inside QSD templates.

13.3. Incompatibilities