17. 2.000beta6a

Enhancements | Fixes | Incompatibilities

17.1. Enhancements

The documentation now includes a draft version of an overview paper called The SDF Document Development System. This is recommended reading for all SDF users.

For Mincom users, Mincom-style title pages can now be generated for technical documents. To do this, initialise the OPT_LOOK variable using the init macro on the top line of the document like this:

   !init OPT_LOOK='mincom'

sdf's -k option can also be used to override the default look. For example:

   sdf -2ps -kmincom mydoc.sdf

The SDF Reference has been improved - most of the filters and macros now have a description and an example.

The build_title macro now outputs the date the document was last modified when the target is HTML.

Section jumps across documents are now supported via the doc phrase attribute. For example:

See {{SECT[doc='SDF User Guide'] Event Processing}}
in the {{DOC:SDF User Guide}} for further details.

The default target for the inline filter is now html.

The namevalues filter can now be used to specify a table of names and values. This is useful at the top of QSD procedures, etc.

The search order for figure importing into PostScript documents is now eps, pct, gif and finally bmp.

17.2. Fixes

Under certain circumstances, figure importing into PostScript documents was broken by the previous version. It should now be working again.

Tables with titles no longer cause blank pages to be appended to the end of the document. This was a [FrameMaker]] 5.0 bug which I now workaround by producing "simple" titles. As a result, table titles are no longer repeated when a table crosses a page boundary.

Encapsulated PostScript figures output by Visio are now correctly sized.

URLs in PostScript documents are no longer blue.

A large number of bugs in the QSD templates have been fixed. These had been introduced by the upgrade from FrameMaker to version 5.

The build_title macro (as implemented in the plain library) no longer outputs a page break after the Document control stuff.

Change bars no longer cause example text (e.g. source code) to be badly formatted in HTML.

17.3. Incompatibilities