20. 2.000beta4c

Enhancements | General Fixes | HTML Fixes | HLP Fixes | Incompatibilities

20.1. Enhancements


20.2. General Fixes

If an imported figure is not given an extension, an extension is added based on the target format:

  • hlp for Windows help
  • gif for HTML
  • eps otherwise (not epsi).

The SDF User Guide had most of the Advanced Features section commented out - this has now been fixed. The architecture figure in SDF Getting Started has been updated to show direct HTML generation.

All hypertext jumps throughout the documentation should now be working correctly.

20.3. HTML Fixes

Blank cells in tables no longer look ugly.

References and terms are now formatted as a table.

20.4. HLP Fixes

URLs no longer come out in blue.

Bitmaps no longer need to be in the directory when hcp.exe is executed, as the HPJ file now contains a search path. The HPJ file can still be generated on a Unix box (even though hcp.exe runs under Windows) as the search path is build using a new optional variable called SDF_DOSHOME.

Any option in the HLP file (xxx, say) can be set via the matching SDF variable called HLP_OPTIONS_xxx. has fixed a number of bugs in mif2rtf including:

  • table titles now work
  • formatted phrases at the beginning of a note or bulleted list now work
  • notes now have a closing line.

20.5. Incompatibilities