JBoss API: Package org.jboss.jms.ra

Package org.jboss.jms.ra

Class Summary
JmsConnectionFactoryImpl JmsConnectionFactoryImpl.java Created: Thu Apr 26 17:02:50 2001
JmsConnectionManager The resource adapters own ConnectionManager, used in non-managed environments.
JmsConnectionRequestInfo JmsConnectionRequestInfo.java Created: Thu Mar 29 16:29:55 2001
JmsCred JmsCred.java Created: Sat Mar 31 03:23:30 2001
JmsLocalTransaction JmsLocalTransaction.java Created: Tue Apr 17 23:44:05 2001
JmsLogger JmsLogger.java Created: Tue Apr 17 21:21:49 2001
JmsManagedConnection Managed Connection, manages one or more JMS sessions.
JmsManagedConnectionFactory JmsManagedConnectionFactory.java Created: Sat Mar 31 03:08:35 2001
JmsMetaData JmsMetaData.java Created: Sat Mar 31 03:36:27 2001
JmsSession Adapts the JMS QueueSession and TopicSession API to a JmsManagedConnection.
JmsSessionFactoryImpl Implements the JMS Connection API and produces JmsSession objects.
Level Level.java Created: Tue Apr 17 21:26:13 2001
TestClient TestClient for stand alone use.

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