Spelling Checking

PW has powerful spelling checking, using ispell to do the actual checking. To check the spelling of an entire buffer, select Edit - Spell from the menu. PW will then start ispell and send every word to it for checking.

Words that are not in the dictionary will be handed by a separate dialog, which has the original word and a text field where a replacement word can be entered. It is possible that there is already a word in the replacement field, suggested by ispell. Be careful to check that the word is correct; not all suggestions are very helpful.

Under the text fields are several buttons.

  • Replace the word in the buffer with the one in the replacement field.
  • Accept the word and do not ask again during this session.
  • Insert the word permanently into ispell's dictionary.
  • Skip the word this once without replacing it.
  • Cancel the whole session and do not complete the checking of the rest of the buffer.
  • Help brings up the on-line help page (this one!)
If ispell is not available but aspell is, aspell can be used as a replacement by symlinking like this:
ln -s `which aspell` /usr/local/bin/ispell

Ulric Eriksson - August 2000 -