C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes) Version 1.7

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#include <ptypes.h>

void assign(cset& s, const char* setinit);
string asstring(const cset& s);
void clear(cset& s);
void fill(cset& s);
void include(cset& s, char b);
void include(cset& s, char min, char max);
void exclude(cset& s, char b);

assign(cset& s, const char* setinit) works the same way as cset(const char*) constructor (see constructors).

string asstring(const cset& s) returns a string representing the given set s using cset(const char*) syntax. Typically used for debugging.

clear(cset& s) assigns an empty set (removes all members) to the set s.

fill(cset& s) assigns all 1s to the set - all elements become members of this set.

include(cset& s, char b) adds the element b to the set s. Equivalent to s += b.

include(cset& s, char min, char max) adds a range of elements min through max to the set s.

exclude(cset& s, char b) removes the element b from the set s. Equivalent to s -= b.

See also: Constructors, Operators

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