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9. RMS distances from planarity

There are 8 parameters defining the RMS distances from planarity plots, as follows:-

9. RMS distances from planarity
Y     <- Background shading on graphs (Y/N)?
0.03  <- RMS distance for highlighting for ring groups 
0.02  <-  "      "     "       "        "  other groups 
N     <- Produce a COLOUR PostScript file (Y/N)?
WHITE        <- Background colour of page
CREAM        <- Background shading on graphs
PURPLE       <- Colour of histogram bars
RED          <- Colour of highlighted histogram bars

Description of options:-

  • Background shading - This option determines whether the graph background of each plot is to be lightly shaded when the plot is in black-and-white.

  • RMS distance for highlighting - These two options determine which histogram bars in the plots are to be highlighted. Bars corresponding to RMS distances from planarity greater than the values specified here will be highlighted. The two different values apply separately to ring groups (Phe, Tyr, Trp and His) and to planar end-groups (Arg, Asn, Asp, Gln and Glu).

  • Produce a COLOUR PostScript file - This option defines whether a colour or black-and-white plot is required. Note that if the Colour all plots option is set to Y, a colour PostScript file will be produced irrespective of the setting here.

    The colour definitions on the following lines use the `names' of each colour as defined in the colour table at the bottom of the parameter file (see Colours). If the name of a colour is mis-spelt, or does not appear in the colour table, then white will be taken instead. Each colour can be altered to suit your taste and aesthetic judgement, as described in the Colours section.

  • Background colour - This option defines the background colour of the page on which the plots are drawn.

  • Colours - The various additional colours on the lines that follow define the colours for the highlighted and unhighlighted histogram bars, and the background colour of each graph.

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