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We would like to thank Eleanor Dodson, Andrej Sali, Keith Wilson, Victor Lamzin, Mike Sutcliffe, George Sheldrick, Paula Kuser, Helen Stirk, V Dhanaraj and Geoff Barton for immensely helpful comments, criticisms and suggestions.

The preparation of PROCHECK v.1.0 was partly funded by Oxford Molecular Ltd. Funding for subsequent versions have come from the BIOTECH program of DGXII of the Commission of the European Union, under contract number BIO2CT-920524. Roman Laskowski would also like to gratefully acknowledge Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research and the BBSRC for financial support.

Original HTML version of this manual prepared by Michael Scharf (March 1994).
Current version prepared by Roman A Laskowski.

contents page  PROCHECK Operating Manual