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Pcre Member List

This is the complete list of members for Pcre, including all inherited members.
_expression (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
_flags (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
_replace_vars(const string &piece) (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
_split(const string &piece, int limit, int start_offset, int end_offset) (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
case_t (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
Compile(int flags) (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
dosearch(const string &stuff, int OffSet) (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
err_str (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
erroffset (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
get_match(int pos)Pcre
get_match_end(int pos)Pcre
get_match_length(int pos)Pcre
get_match_start(int pos)Pcre
global_t (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
matched()Pcre [inline]
matches()Pcre [inline]
operator=(const string &expression)Pcre
operator=(const Pcre &P)Pcre
p_pcre (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
p_pcre_extra (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
Pcre(const string &expression)Pcre
Pcre(const string &expression, const string &flags)Pcre
Pcre(const Pcre &P)Pcre
Pcre::zero() (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
replace(const string &piece, const string &with)Pcre
reset() (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
resultset (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
search(const string &stuff)Pcre
search(const string &stuff, int OffSet)Pcre
split(const string &piece)Pcre
split(const string &piece, int limit)Pcre
split(const string &piece, int limit, int start_offset)Pcre
split(const string &piece, int limit, int start_offset, int end_offset)Pcre
split(const string &piece, vector< int > positions)Pcre
sub_len (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]
sub_vec (defined in Pcre)Pcre [private]

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