namespace osgUtil

class OSGUTIL_EXPORT CubeMapGenerator: public osg::Referenced
This is the base class for cube map generators.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT CullVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor, public osg::CullStack
Basic NodeVisitor implementation for rendering a scene.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT DisplayListVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
Visitor for traversing scene graph and setting each osg::Drawable's _useDisplayList flag, with option to immediately compile osg::Drawable OpenGL Display lists and osg::StateAttribute's
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT DisplayRequirementsVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
A visitor for traversing a scene graph establishing the OpenGL visuals are required to support rendering of that scene graph.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT HalfWayMapGenerator: public CubeMapGenerator
This cube map generator produces an Half-way vector map, useful for hardware-based specular lighting effects.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT HighlightMapGenerator: public CubeMapGenerator
This cube map generator produces a specular highlight map.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT InsertImpostorsVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
Insert impostor nodes into scene graph.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT IntersectVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
Basic visitor for ray based collisions of a scene
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT Optimizer
Insert impostor nodes into scene graph.
class ReflectionMapGenerator: public CubeMapGenerator
This is the most simple cube map generator.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT RenderBin: public osg::Object
RenderBin base class
class RegisterRenderBinProxy
Proxy class for automatic registration of renderbins with the RenderBin prototypelist
struct LeafDepthSortFunctor
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT RenderGraph: public osg::Referenced
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT RenderLeaf: public osg::Referenced
container class for all data required for rendering of drawables
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT RenderStage: public RenderBin
RenderState base class.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT RenderStageLighting: public osg::Object
RenderBin base class
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT RenderToTextureStage: public RenderStage
RenderStage which copies the final image to an attached texture or image.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT SceneView: public osg::Referenced
SceneView is literally a view of a scene, encapsulating the camera, global state, lights and the scene itself.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT SmoothingVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
A smoothing visitor for calculating smoothed normals for osg::GeoSet's which contains surface primitives
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT Tesselator
A simple class for tessellating a single polygon boundary.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT TransformCallback: public osg::NodeCallback
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT TriStripVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
A tri stripping visitor for converting Geometry surface primitives into tri strips.
class OSGUTIL_EXPORT UpdateVisitor: public osg::NodeVisitor
Basic UpdateVisitor implementation for animating a scene.


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