class osgUtil::ReflectionMapGenerator

This is the most simple cube map generator.


Public Methods

[more]inline ReflectionMapGenerator(int texture_size)
[more]inline ReflectionMapGenerator(const ReflectionMapGenerator &copy, const osg::CopyOp &copyop)
[more]inline osg::Vec4 compute_color(const osg::Vec3 &R) const

Protected Methods

[more]virtual ~ReflectionMapGenerator()
[more]ReflectionMapGenerator& operator=(const ReflectionMapGenerator &)
[more]inline virtual osg::Vec4 compute_color(const osg::Vec3 &R) const

Inherited from CubeMapGenerator:

Public Methods

ovoid generateMap(bool use_osg_system = true)
oinline osg::Image* getImage(osg::TextureCubeMap::Face face)
oinline const osg::Image* getImage(osg::TextureCubeMap::Face face) const
oinline void set_pixel(int index, int c, int r, const osg::Vec4 &color)
oinline osg::Vec4 vector_to_color(const osg::Vec3 &vec)

Protected Methods

oinline static osg::Vec4 vector_to_color(const osg::Vec3 &vec)


This is the most simple cube map generator. It performs a direct association between reflection vector and RGBA color (C = R).
ovirtual ~ReflectionMapGenerator()

oReflectionMapGenerator& operator=(const ReflectionMapGenerator &)

oinline virtual osg::Vec4 compute_color(const osg::Vec3 &R) const

oinline ReflectionMapGenerator(int texture_size)

oinline ReflectionMapGenerator(const ReflectionMapGenerator &copy, const osg::CopyOp &copyop)

oinline osg::Vec4 compute_color(const osg::Vec3 &R) const

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