namespace osgParticle

class AccelOperator: public Operator
An operator class that applies a constant acceleration to the particles
class CenteredPlacer: public Placer
An abstract placer base class for placers which need a center point
class Counter: public osg::Object
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT Emitter: public ParticleProcessor
An abstract base class for particle emitters.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT FluidFrictionOperator: public Operator
An operator that simulates the friction of a fluid.
class ForceOperator: public Operator
An operator that applies a constant force to the particles.
class Interpolator: public osg::Object
An abstract base class for implementing interpolators
class LinearInterpolator: public Interpolator
A linear interpolator
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT ModularEmitter: public Emitter
An emitter class that holds three objects to control the creation of particles.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT ModularProgram: public Program
A program class for performing operations on particles using a sequence of operators.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT MultiSegmentPlacer: public Placer
A polyline-shaped particle placer.
class Operator: public osg::Object
An abstract base class used by ModularProgram to perform operations on particles before they are updated.
Implementation of a particle.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT ParticleProcessor: public osg::Node
A common base interface for those classes which need to do something on particles.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT ParticleSystem: public osg::Drawable
The heart of this class library; its purpose is to hold a set of particles and manage particle creation, update, rendering and destruction.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT ParticleSystemUpdater: public osg::Node
A useful node class for updating particle systems automatically.
class Placer: public osg::Object
An abstract base class for implementing particle placers.
class PointPlacer: public CenteredPlacer
A point-shaped particle placer.
class OSGPARTICLE_EXPORT Program: public ParticleProcessor
An abstract ParticleProcessor descendant for modifying particles "on the fly" during the cull traversal.
class RadialShooter: public Shooter
A shooter class that shoots particles radially.
class RandomRateCounter: public VariableRateCounter
class SectorPlacer: public CenteredPlacer
A sector-shaped particle placer.
class SegmentPlacer: public Placer
A segment-shaped particle placer.
class Shooter: public osg::Object
An abstract base class used by ModularEmitter to "shoot" the particles after they have been placed.
class VariableRateCounter: public Counter
template<class T_> struct range
A simple struct template useful to store ranges of values as min/max pairs.
typedef range<float> rangef
Range of floats
typedef range<osg::Vec2> rangev2
Range of osg::Vec2s
typedef range<osg::Vec3> rangev3
Range of osg::Vec3s
typedef range<osg::Vec4> rangev4
Range of osg::Vec4s


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