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copyright (c) 2002 Paul C. Pratt - last update 1/18/02


Here are some possible improvements for future versions. Which is to say, if anyone wants to work on these, I'll be happy to include the changes into Mini vMac. You're welcome to add any other features you like, but I may not include them in my version of Mini vMac, since the main goal is simplicity. Bug fixes are always welcome.

  • More authentic emulation of the mouse. Should emulate the hardware, rather than poking the current mouse location into low memory locations of the emulated machine.
  • the X port should work with Gnome or KDE if available, to provide menus, alerts, file dialogs, etc.
  • better understanding of how the ROM starts up the machine could lead to faster boot times, by better ROM patches to remove what isn't needed, such a memory checks, and the startup sound.

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