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copyright (c) 2002 Paul C. Pratt - last update 1/26/02


Mini vMac is based upon Richard F. Bannister's Macintosh port of vMac. See:
vMac was written by Philip Cummins and others. Please see this credits page:
The vMac home page is:
If that page looks blank with your browser, try
The port to Microsoft Windows used as a starting point the Windows port of vMac, by Weston Pawlowski, Bill Miller, Ryan Hill, and Mike Voellinger. Additional contributors to the Windows port of vMac include Andre Masella, Lauri Pesonen, Hoshi Takanori, Jose Urena and Darek Michocka. vMac for Windows can be found at the vMac home page.

The port to the X Window System used as a starting point the X port of vMac, by Michael Hanni. Additional contributors to the X port of vMac include Ian Stephenson, Matt, Frederic Roussel, and Sam Strohl. vMac for X can be found at the vMac home page.

Since I have never done any X programming before, I learned more by looking at other programs, such as Basilisk II, the UAE Amiga Emulator, Bochs, QuakeForge, DooM Legacy, and the FLTK. A few snippets from them are used in Mini vMac.

The core cpu emulation code of vMac was adapted from the UAE Amiga Emulator by Bernd Schmidt. See:

The jdate function used in the Windows and X version of Mini vMac is from "Webalizer - a web server log analysis program" by Bradford L. Barrett. See:
The GNU General Public License is from the Free Software Foundation. See:
Mini vMac is extensively modified from vMac, so I should take blame for any bugs I've introduced.
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