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copyright (c) 2002 Paul C. Pratt - last update 7/17/02


'autoquit', available from the download area for Mini vMac, allows you to 'wrap' an application for the Mac Plus, and use it as you would an ordinary application for your machine.

The usual way to use Mini vMac is to open a boot disk image, which brings up the Finder. From there you can launch an application, such as the game 'Continuum'. When you're done, you quit from 'Continuum'. This brings you back to the Finder, where you can choose the 'Shut Down' command, and then you can safely quit Mini vMac.

You can save one step if you prepare a boot disk image that contains 'Continuum', and set the 'Start Up' application to the game. If things are set up properly this has the effect that double clicking on the disk image containing 'Continuum', will launch the program 'Continuum', just as if it was a native application. (See the manual for how to make double clickable disk images.)

But when you quit from 'Continuum', you still end up back in the Finder, where you have to 'Shut Down' and quit Mini vMac.

You can save these extra steps by replacing the Finder on the boot disk image with the file 'autoquit'. (That is, delete the 'Finder' from the System Folder, then copy 'autoquit' to the System Folder and rename it to 'Finder'.) Now quitting from 'Continuum' will automatically 'Shut Down' and quit Mini vMac.

WARNING: autoquit should only be used within Mini vMac!! Never use it on a real Mac or a different emulator.

The source code for 'autoquit' can be found in 'extras/autoquit' within the Mini vMac source distribution.

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