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printer_create_pen -- 新規ペンを作成する


mixed printer_create_pen ( int style, int width, string color)

The function creates a new pen and returns a handle to it. A pen is used to draw lines and curves. For an example see printer_select_pen(). color must be a color in RGB hex format, i.e. "000000" for black, width specifies the width of the pen whereas style must be one of the following constants:

  • PRINTER_PEN_SOLID: creates a solid pen.

  • PRINTER_PEN_DASH: creates a dashed pen.

  • PRINTER_PEN_DOT: creates a dotted pen.

  • PRINTER_PEN_DASHDOT: creates a pen with dashes and dots.

  • PRINTER_PEN_DASHDOTDOT: creates a pen with dashes and double dots.

  • PRINTER_PEN_INVISIBLE: creates an invisible pen.