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Filters: Advanced

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You have to know that once you have defined starts links, the default mode is to mirror these links - i.e. if one of your start page is, all links starting with will be accepted. But links directly in will not be accepted, however, because they are in a higher strcuture. This prevent HTTrack from mirroring the whole site. (All files in structure levels equal or lower than the primary links will be retrieved.)

But you may want to download files that are not directly in the subfolders, or on the contrary refuse files of a particular type. That is the purpose of filters.

To accept a family of links (for example, all links with a specific name or type), you just have to add an authorization filter, like +*.gif. The pattern is a plus (this one: +), followed by a pattern composed of letters and wildcards (this one: *).

To forbide a family of links, define an authorization filter, like -*.gif. The pattern is a dash (this one: -), followed by a the same kind of pattern as for the authorization filter.

Example: +*.gif will accept all files finished by .gif
Example: -*.gif will refuse all files finished by .gif

Let's talk a little more about patterns:
Filters are analyzed by HTTrack from the first filter to the last one. The complete URL name is compared to filters defined by the user or added automatically by HTTrack.

A link has an higher priority than the one before it - hierarchy is important:

+*.gif -image*.gif Will accept all gif files BUT image1.gif,imageblue.gif,imagery.gif and so on
-image*.gif +*.gif Will accept all gif files, because the second pattern is prioritary (because it is defined AFTER the first one)

We saw that patterns are composed of letters and wildcards (*), as in */image*.gif

Special wild cards can be used for specific characters: (*[..])

* any characters (the most commonly used)
*[file] or *[name] any filename or name, e.g. not /,? and ; characters
*[path] any path (and filename), e.g. not ? and ; characters
*[a,z,e,r,t,y] any letters among a,z,e,r,t,y
*[a-z] any letters
*[0-9,a,z,e,r,t,y] any characters among 0..9 and a,z,e,r,t,y
*[] no characters must be present after

Here are some examples of filters: (that can be generated automatically using the interface)* This will refuse/accept this web site (all links located in it will be rejected)
*.com/* This will refuse/accept all links that contains .com in them
*cgi-bin* This will refuse/accept all links that contains cgi-bin in them
www.*.com/*[path].zip This will refuse/accept all zip files in .com addresses
*someweb*/*.tar* This will refuse/accept all tar (or tar.gz etc.) files in hosts containing someweb
*/*somepage* This will refuse/accept all links containing somepage (but not in the address)
*.html This will refuse/accept all html files.
Warning! With this filter you will accept ALL html files, even those in other addresses. (causing a global (!) web mirror..) Use*.html to accept all html files from a web.
*.html*[] Identical to *.html, but the link must not have any supplemental characters at the end (links with parameters, like, will be refused)