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gnome-history -- Keeping track of recently used documents.


#include <gnome.h>

struct      GnomeHistoryEntry;
void        gnome_history_recently_used     (char *filename,
                                             char *filetype,
                                             char *creator,
                                             char *desc);
GList*      gnome_history_get_recently_used (void);
void        gnome_history_free_recently_used_list
                                            (GList *alist);


These functions provide ways to store and retrieve a list of recently used documents. Applications need to call the gnome_history_recently_used() routine with the proper arguments to register a file as having been recently used. The creator field should be an action in the format supported by the "open" MIME type action (for example "program f", or "program") to re-open the document.

In the following example, the file sales.gnumeric will be added to the history of visited documents, the MIME type of the file is "application/x-gnumeric" and the program that will open this file is "gnumeric". Finally, note that the descriptive information is surrounded by the _() macro to have this item translated to the user's language at runtime.

gnome_history_recently_used ("sales.gnumeric", 
                             _("Load spreadsheet"));

The following example would keep track of recent talks with a user:

void record_talk (char *user)
    char *message = g_strdup_printf (_("Talk to s", user);

    gnome_history_recently_used (user, "x-protocol/x-talk",
                                 "gtalk", message);
    g_free (message);

To retrieve items from the history, you use the gnome_history_get_recently_used() function which returns a GList that contains GnomeHistoryEntry structures. To release this list, call the gnome_history_free_recently_used_list().


struct GnomeHistoryEntry

struct GnomeHistoryEntry
	char *filename;		/* Name of the visited file. */
	char *filetype;		/* MIME type of the visited file.  */
	char *creator;		/* What program created the file.  */
	char *desc;		/* Description of what choosing this
				   item would do.  This is some
				   explanatory text that might be
				   presented to the user.  */

gnome_history_recently_used ()

void        gnome_history_recently_used     (char *filename,
                                             char *filetype,
                                             char *creator,
                                             char *desc);

This routine is used to keep track of recently used file within the GNOME desktop. filename is the file that was recently used or just created.

filename : the file name that was recently used.
filetype : the mime-type of the file used.
creator : application that created this.
desc : textual description of the application creator

gnome_history_get_recently_used ()

GList*      gnome_history_get_recently_used (void);

Returns :a GList with GnomeHistoryEntry structures with all of the recently used documents.

gnome_history_free_recently_used_list ()

void        gnome_history_free_recently_used_list
                                            (GList *alist);

Releases the list of recently used documents

alist : a list with the recently used documents