I. API Reference

Table of Contents
The GdkPixbuf Structure -- Information that describes an image.
Reference Counting and Memory Mangement -- Functions to perform reference counting and memory management on a GdkPixbuf.
File Loading -- Loading a pixbuf from a file.
Image Data in Memory -- Creating a pixbuf from image data that is already in memory.
Rendering -- Rendering a pixbuf to a GDK drawable.
Scaling -- Scaling pixbufs and scaling and compositing pixbufs
Drawables to Pixbufs -- Getting parts of a drawable's image data into a pixbuf.
Utilities -- Utility and miscellaneous convenience functions.
Animations -- Animations as multi-frame structures.
GdkPixbufLoader -- Application-driven progressive image loading.
GnomeCanvasPixbuf -- Canvas item to display GdkPixbuf images.
gdk-pixbuf Xlib initialization -- Initializing the gdk-pixbuf Xlib library.
Xlib Rendering -- Rendering a pixbuf to an X drawable.
X Drawables to Pixbufs -- Getting parts of an X drawable's image data into a pixbuf.
XlibRGB -- Functions for rendering RGB buffers to X drawables.