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August 3rd 2002

Euler 1.60.6 is out !

Many enhancements for this release : end line DOS characters are now handled properly so that notebooks and euler files can now be loaded directly when they come from a Windows platform. A bug fix in the postscript code, and in the modulo function (many thanks to Boris).

Graphical interface : the wheel mouse can now be used to scroll the text window content. Notebooks can be loaded with a simple drag and drop from gtk/gnome file managers (ROX and Nautilus). it should run ok for any xdnd protocol compatible file manager, but I have a problem with Konqueror for the moment (sorry). A popup menu has been added.

Better event management, so that animations are now usable (though not using a threaded scheme yet).

logspace, xlogplot, ylogplot, xylogplot, xlogmark, ylogmark, xylogmark enhanced and included in util.e (no more in a separate package) so that log scale plots are available by default.

The Euler web site is available in German (many thanks to Thomas Meyer for translating my pages) and in French.

I think this release can be considered as the new stable Gtk+ Euler version.

Download : Euler is now available as a source archive and a RPM binary package (for Linux x86).

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May 17 2002

Euler 1.60.5 is out !

bugfix in my portable scandir function (oops), bugfixes in line and lineinput euler functions, bugfix in the project function. stack size defaults have been increased, but it still work with less memory.

An antialiasing function has been added to enable or disable the use of antialiasing in density plots.

A figure function has been added to let the user quicly draw multiple subplots on the the graphical window (See the figure.en demo).

The animate and rotate functions have been implemented as in the Windows version, though Gtk euler doesn't handle animation with the same commands (see the demo file and >help beginpages). This release still has a problem with catching events when the calculation is running. I hope this will be fixed in the next release with the use of threads.

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April 13 2002

Euler 1.60.4 is out !

bugfixes in searchfile functions, a portable scandir function (I hope it will run now on Solaris), a "delete outputs" menu item.

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February 8 2002

Euler 1.60 is out !

it comes with some bug fixes, selections (cut, copy, paste to the X clipboard), a new demo menu, and better 3d graphics.

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January 2nd 2002

a message board for euler

A message board is now available for general or development Euler discussion.

September 23 2001

New Euler 1.59.1 version

Euler can now be installed in usual directory (/usr ou /usr/local). The resource and config files are stored in the .euler directory in each user's home, enabling each one to configure euler the way he wants.

The html documentation can now be reached from euler. A browser option has been added to the preference dialog to let the user choose its favorite web browser.

Bug fixes in the postscript output (I think it's better) and animation engine (delay can now be less than 1 s).

See the download page to get the source.

September 9 2001

Euler 1.59 is out !

Full featured user interface via the GTK+ toolkit. See the download page to get the source.