AbiWord Credits

AbiWord has been written by a large team of volunteers. This page acknowledges their contributions.

Original Core Developers

Thomas Fletcher, Jeff Hostetler, Paul Rohr, Bob Sievers, Eric Sink, Shaw Terwilliger

1.0 Core Developers

Hubert Figuiere, Tomas Frydrych, Dom Lachowicz, Patrick Lam, Michael Pritchett, Martin Sevior, Jesper Skov

Full Credits

Documentation Credits

Original English Version: David Chart

Contributions: Alper Atici, Scott Bingman, John Clark, Tomas Frydrych, Michael Johnson, Dom Lachowicz

Perl script: Cal Arndt, Kenneth Christiansen (This script lets us use AbiWord to maintain the docs; it handles XHTML conversion.)


French: Gilles Saint-Denis

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