Berkeley DB Reference Guide:
Java API


Java FAQ

  1. During one of the first calls to the Berkeley DB Java API, a DbException is thrown with a "Bad file number" or "Bad file descriptor" message.

    There are known large-file support bugs under JNI in various releases of the JDK. Please upgrade to the latest release of the JDK, and, if that does not solve the problem, disable big file support using the --disable-largefile configuration option.

  2. How can I use native methods from a debug build of the Java library?

    The Berkeley DB Java code checks a system property for the library name before defaulting to the released library. On Windows, run as follows (note the 'd' at the end):

    % java -Dsleepycat.db.libname=libdb_java-VERSIONd

    On UNIX, try:

    % java -Dsleepycat.db.libname=db_java_g-VERSION


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