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Objects of the univ.ObjectIdentifier class

Instances of univ.ObjectIdentifier class implement the following additional methods:


Returns true if the value of this ObjectIdentifier is a lexicographical prefix of oid OBJECT IDENTIFIER.

The following methods emulate a mutable sequence object protocol:


Returns a [sub-]identifier (integer for single sub-id or ObjectIdentifier class instance for a slice) by index (integer or slice type).

__setitem__(index, oid)

Sets [sub-]identifier oid by index (integer or slice type).


Delete sub-identifier by index (integer or slice type).


Append a sub-identifier suboid to the ObjectIdentifier object.


Append a [sub-]identifier oid to the ObjectIdentifier object.


Returns index of first occurrence of sub-identifier suboid (integer).


Returns the number of sub-identifiers in ObjectIdentifier object (as integer).


Returns concatenated ObjectIdentifier and [sub-]identifier oid (operands reflected for __r*__ version).