Tcl Interface Index

configuring Berkeley DB 1.85 API compatibility
building a utility to dump Berkeley DB 1.85 databases
Upgrading to release 2.0
Upgrading to release 3.0
Upgrading to release 3.1
Upgrading to release 3.2
Upgrading to release 3.3
selecting an access method
access method FAQ
access method tuning
available access methods
data alignment
programmatic APIs
utility to archive log files
berkdb dbremove
berkdb dbrename
berkdb dbtruncate
berkdb env
berkdb envremove
berkdb open
berkdb version
building for QNX
building for UNIX
building for UNIX FAQ
building for VxWorks
building for VxWorks FAQ
building for Win32
building for Windows FAQ
selecting a byte order
configuring the C++ API
flushing the database cache
selecting a cache size
catastrophic recovery
Patches, Updates and Change logs
utility to take checkpoints
closing a cursor
closing a database
database compaction
specifying a Btree comparison function
changing compile or load options
Concurrent Data Store
configuring Berkeley DB for UNIX systems
salvaging corrupted databases
counting data items for a key
closing a cursor
deleting records with a cursor
duplicating a cursor
retrieving records with a cursor
storing records with a cursor
cursor stability
database cursors
utility to upgrade database files
utility to verify database files
db close
db close
db count
db cursor
db del
db del
db dup
db get
db get
db get_join
db get_type
db is_byteswapped
db join
db put
db stat
db sync
dbc put
File namingDB_CONFIG
File namingDB_HOME
File namingdb_home
Error returns to applicationsDB_INCOMPLETE
Error returns to applicationsDB_KEYEMPTY
Error returns to applicationsDB_KEYEXIST
Error returns to applicationsDB_LOCK_DEADLOCK
Error returns to applicationsDB_LOCK_NOTGRANTED
Error returns to applicationsDB_NOTFOUND
Error returns to applicationsDB_RUNRECOVERY
utility to detect deadlocks
debugging applications
degrees of isolation
deleting records
deleting records with a cursor
Configuring Berkeley DB--disable-largefile
Configuring Berkeley DB--disable-shared
Configuring Berkeley DB--disable-static
disk space requirements
Distributed Transactions
double buffering
utility to dump databases as text files
duplicate data items
duplicating a cursor
emptying a database
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-compat185
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-cxx
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-debug
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-debug_rop
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-debug_wop
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-diagnostic
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-dump185
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-java
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-posixmutexes
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-rpc
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-tcl
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-test
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-uimutexes
Configuring Berkeley DB--enable-umrw
env close
env txn
database environment
database environment FAQ
environment variables
equality join
error handling
error name space
error returns
selecting a Queue extent size
Java FAQ
configuring without large file support
file utility
returning pages to the filesystem
recovery and filesystem operations
remote filesystems
page fill factor
Berkeley DB free-threaded handles
specifying a database hash
hash table size
secondary indices
installing Berkeley DB for UNIX systems
interface compatibility
degrees of isolation
configuring the Java API
Java compatibility
Java configuration
Java FAQ
equality join
retrieved key/data permanence
database limits
changing compile or load options
utility to load text files into databases
standard lock modes
page-level locking
two-phase locking
locking and non-Berkeley DB applications
locking configuration
Berkeley DB Transactional Data Store locking conventions
Berkeley DB Concurrent Data Store locking conventions
locking granularity
locking introduction
sizing the locking subsystem
locking without transactions
log file limits
log file removal
utility to display log files as text
logging configuration
logging introduction
retrieving Btree records by logical record @number
memory pool configuration
Berkeley DB library name spaces
file naming
natural join
retrieving Btree records by logical record number
opening a database
selecting a page size
partial record storage and retrieval
Patches, Updates and Change logs
retrieved key/data permanence
Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB products
building for QNX
logical record numbers
managing record-based databases
logically renumbering records
utility to recover database environments
Berkeley DB recoverability
Resource Manager
XA Resource Manager
retrieving records
retrieving records in bulk
retrieving records with a cursor
RPC client
configuring a RPC client/server
utility to support RPC client/server
RPC server
database salvage
Berkeley DB handle scope
secondary indices
disabling shared libraries
shared libraries
application signal handling
Sleepycat Software
source code layout
cursor stability
disabling static libraries
database statistics
utility to display database and environment statistics
storing records
storing records with a cursor
loading Berkeley DB with Tcl
using Berkeley DB with Tcl
configuring the Tcl API
Tcl API programming notes
configuring the test suite
running the test suite
running the test suite under UNIX
running the test suite under Windows
text backing files
loading text into databases
dumping/loading text to/from databases
building threaded applications
transaction configuration
transaction FAQ
transaction limits
Transaction Manager
administering transaction protected applications
archival in transaction protected applications
checkpoints in transaction protected applications
deadlock detection in transaction protected applications
recovery in transaction protected applications
transaction throughput
transaction tuning
Transactional Data Store
nested transactions
Berkeley DB and transactions
truncating a database
access method tuning
transaction tuning
configuring Berkeley DB with the Tuxedo System
txn abort
txn commit
building for UNIX
building for UNIX FAQ
configuring Berkeley DB for UNIX systems
Patches, Updates and Change logs
utility to upgrade database files
upgrading databases
database verification
utility to verify database files
building for VxWorks FAQ
VxWorks notes
running the test suite under Windows
building for Windows FAQ
Windows notes
Configuring Berkeley DB--with-embedix=DIR
Configuring Berkeley DB--with-rpm=DIR
Configuring Berkeley DB--with-tcl=DIR
Configuring Berkeley DB--with-uniquename=NAME
XA Resource Manager

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