New Features in Apcupsd 3.8.5

This version of apcupsd corrects a bug that could cause a master/slave process to die due to a TCP/IP disconnect error.

This version also includes the ability with the apctest program to perform a Battery Runtime Calibration. For more information on using apctest, please see the apctest Chapter of this manual.

apcupsd is mainly developed under Linux and will compile cleanly and work under most flavors of Unix as well as many other operating systems including Windows.

What to do if you find bugs :

send an email to (Developers mailing list) or go to one of the following sites:
Please be sure to include the version of apcupsd you are running, your operating system, and a detailed description of your problem.

Change Log

----> Release apcupsd-3.8.5 (4 January 2002)
      - Add Battery Runtime Calibration to apctest.
      - apctest is now built and installed by default.
      - Fixed crash if TCP/IP connection broken.
      - Quote DISTVER in case it contains spaces.
      - Fix segmentation fault if kill power invoked by hand in
        a non-powerfail condition.