New Features in Apcupsd 3.8.4

There are no new features other than two additional cables that are supported. This is a bug fix release for 3.8.3.

The software is completely developed under Linux and will compile cleanly and will work under Linux as well as many other operating systems and flavors of Linux.

What to do if you find bugs :

send an email to (Developers mailing list) or go to one of the following sites:

Change Log

----> Release apcupsd-3.8.4 (14 Dec 2001)
      - Fix multimoncss.c to use the Normal class in Temp and 
        Humidity columns.
      - Add support for 0127A and 0128A cables.
      - Fix bad placement of subsys lock file on
        RedHat, HP, SuSE, Caldera, Slackware, and unknown
      - Added #include  to multimon to prevent compiler