New Features in Apcupsd 3.8.3

· Highlights of this release:

. The ./configure program prints a warning message if /usr/ucb is
  on your path. This for Solaris systems where the wrong shutdown
  program could be used.
. Corrected serial port lock file location on Solaris.
. Added an optional port specification to the hosts.conf file
  for configuring multimon.cgi
. Added the --disable-install-distdir configure option to allow
  clean installation of two or more apcupsds on the same system.

The software is completely developed under Linux and will compile cleanly and will work under Linux as well as many other operating systems and flavors of Linux.

What to do if you find bugs :

send an email to (Developers mailing list) or go to one of the following sites:

Change Log

----> Release apcupsd-3.8.3 (26 Nov 2001)
      - Updated manual to include ideas/suggestions received
        from users installing 3.8.2.
      - Fixed safe.apccontrol to be a bit more system independent 
        (thanks to Steven Orr for the idea).
      - Added so that it is configured properly.
      - Fixed all so that it restart the computer if shutdown
        was cancelled. Fixed also the lock directory location in rc scripts.
      - Removed inifinite sleep from shutdown sequences.
      - Added a big warning message to the end of the ./configure
        output if /usr/ucb is on your path (for Solaris shutdown).
      - Updated Solaris configuration with specific config values.
      - Fixed reference to lock file in Solaris so it is
        properly configured.
      - Removed unused variable from Solaris
      - Install apcupsd.conf with 644 permissions
      - Add --disable-install-distdir ./configure option.
        This allows easier installation of slaves or
        multiple copies of apcupsd.
      - Used makedepend if not gcc (Solaris fix).
      - Set SO_REUSEADDR in slave machines.
      - Use select() to timeout master if slave does not respond.
      - Recognize APC Smart-UPS 370ci.
      - Add 940-0020C cable support (same as 20B).
      - UPSNAME now sets upsname if given. Otherwise, apcupsd
        attempts to get name from UPS, if not found, uses
        hostname, finally "default".
      - Implement CommLost NIS status.
      - Implement Shutdown NIS status.
      - Implement Slave NIS status.
      - Correct SmartTrim and SmartBoost detection code.
      - ./configure prints name of shutdown program.
      - Add port to hosts.conf.
      - Add new apccontrol arguments to script file.
      - Eliminated all N/A fields in STATUS report.
      - Always construct STATFLAG in STATUS report.
      - Added Ambient Temperature and Humidity to multimon (Carl Erhorn)