New Features in Apcupsd 3.8.2

· Highlights of this release:

. Detects Self Test and reports it as such rather than a
  Power Failure.
. True pthreads implementation (uses less CPU and one third
  the memory).
. For SmartUPSes, apcupsd does a much better job of adapting
  to the actual features of the UPS and is more efficient.
. Many new ./configure options permitting much more complete
  pre-configuration. Nearly every possible file and feature
  is configurable.
. More complete and updated support for more systems (Caldera, 
  Debian, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD)
. Correction of all outstanding 3.8.0 and 3.8.1 bugs.
. Cascading Style Sheet version of multimon for user customization.
. TCP Wrapper support (untested).
. KILLDELAY configuration directive requested by users (untested).
. Reap zombies on BSD systems.
. Win32 shutdown program significantly enhanced, now shuts
  down in all known configurations giving users time to save
  their changes.
. Win32 version uses threads rather than Unix processes.

The software is completely developed under Linux and will compile cleanly and will work under Linux as well as many other operating systems and flavors of Linux.

What to do if you find bugs :

send an email to (Developers mailing list) or go to one of the following sites:

Change Log

----> Release apcupsd-3.8.2 (3 July 2001)
      - Additional documentation.
      - Bug fix provided by Riccardo.
      - Update script for making RPMs.
      - Please remember that apcnetd has been renamed to
      - Tweaked the pthreads flags for FreeBSD
      - Added Linux From Scratch hint file to unknown distribution.
      - Fixed Makefile in lib to use CFLAGS.

----> Released apcupsd-3.8.2Beta14 (24 Jun 2001)
      - Fixed stall in Network Information Server
      - Fixed possible race condition in pthreads
        Network Information Server.
      - Fixed a serious shutdown bug for BackUPS UPSes.
      - Tightened security for some scripts (thanks Neil).
      - More cleanups for --with-pwrfail-dir so it
        is properly configured.

        See techdocs/kes27Jun01 for more details.

----> Released apcupsd-3.8.2Beta13 (21 Jun 2001)
       - Fixed bug in creation of PWRFAIL file. Thanks to
         Jose for his excellent testing efforts.
       - Cleaned up configuration of PWRFAILDIR in 
         distribution files.
       - Fixed installation of multimon.css
       - Implemented localtime_r() for Win32 systems.

----> Released apcupsd-3.8.2Beta12 (20 Jun 2001)
       - Fixed CGI Makefile problems pointed out by Carl.
       - Fixed SuSe install problem pointed out by user (and
         fixed provided by Neil).
       - Fixed powerflute, which has been broken for a long time.
       - Upgraded powerflute to work with pthreaded apcupsd (via

----> Released apcupsd-3.8.2Beta11 (12 Jun 2001)
       - Mostly documentation and small bug fixes.
       - Reworked installation of CSS files in CGI directory.
       - use localtime_r() to avoid potential problems in 
         threaded version.
       - Cleaned up a few serious shutdown problems with new
         apcaction code pointed out by a user (thanks!).
       - Fix bug in libwrap code.

----> Released apcupsd-3.8.2Beta9 (28 Apr 2001)
       - As promised with release apcupsd-3.8.1-5, I have
         now added pthreads support -- well, at least it is
         a first cut. The reentrant library calls must still
         be added where appropriate.
       - Configuration with ./configure is now much more
         complete.  See kes09Apr01 and kes10Apr01 in techlogs.
       - See kes28Apr01 in techlogs for more details of the
         pthreads implementation.
       - apcaccess and powerflute need NIS running to work
         with a threaded apcupsd.
       - Set SO_REUSEADDR and SO_KEEPALIVE on sockets.
                                                                 [ChangeLog] I 
----> Released apcupsd-3.8.2Beta6 (10 Apr 2001)
       - Much enhanced ./configure. Lots of new options for easier
         system configuration.
       - New Debian code.
       - New release numbering scheme to eliminate -nn at end for
       - Shared memory initialization improvements.
       - A single apcupsd.conf (built from in
         the /etc directory.

       See techlogs/kes9Apr01 for more details.
       See techlogs/kes10Apr01 for more details.

----> Released apcupsd-3.8.1-5 (6 Apr 2001)
       - This version is a pre-release of version 3.8.2.
         It contains fixes for most known problems.
       - Major work has been done to include in this release 
         much of the code that will go into version 4.0.
       - Addition merging of 3.8 and 4.0 will occur prior
         to the final release of 3.8.2
       - The only major addition that I am planning to 3.8.2
         for the next prerelease (3.8.1-6) will be pthread
         support (at least the first cut).
       - The name of apcnetd has been changed to apcnisd
       - OpenBSD fixes from Devin Reade
       - Fixed Zombies that were created on BSD systems.

       New Features:
       - New indenting standard (see code). Not yet uniformly
         applied -- work in progress.
       - New NetBSD support.
       - Updated Debian support.
       - apccontrol now called with additional arguments.
       - GNOME realtime monitoring program added in gupsc
         directory (not supported).
       - Improved shutdown on WinNT.
       - Self test detection -- no more false power fails.
       - TCP Wrapper support (untested).
       - New KILLDELAY   configuration directive (untested)
         that causes apcupsd to wait after issuing a shutdown, and
         after the delay seconds have expired, it will issue a
         kill power to the UPS.  Potentially useful on systems
         where apcupsd cannot regain control after completing 
         a system shutdown (i.e. WinNT).
       - Multimon can now use css for more control by the user.

       See techlogs/kes06Apr01 for details.
       See techlogs/gdr01Mar01 for more details

----> Release apcupsd-3.8.1-3 (5 Mar 01)
       - Added Caldera code.
       - NetBSD patches.
       - Modified code for handling 940-0095B cable.
       - Integrated 4.0 code

       See techlogs/kes05Mar01 for more details.

----> Release of 25 Feb 2001
       - New NetBSD code (thanks to a number of contributors).
       - Added O_NDELAY to prevent blocking on serial port opens on
         BSD systems.
       - Fixed a bug in the status display on BackUPS Pros that cut
         the output short.
       - Fixed potential DoS problem with email scripts.
       - Much improved shutdown program for Win32 systems.

       See techlogs/kes27Feb01 for additional details.