Configuring Your EEPROM

If you have a SmartUPS, there are depending on the UPS at least 12 different values stored in the EEPROM that determine how the UPS reacts to various conditions such as high line voltage, low line voltage, power down grace periods, etc.

In general, for the moment, we do not recommend that you change your EEPROM values unless absolutely necessary. There have been several reported cases of problems setting the Low Transfer Voltage. Consequently, if at all possible, do not attempt to change this value.

If despite these warnings, you must change your EEEPROM, we recommend connecting your UPS to a Windows or NT machine running PowerChute and making the changes.

If you have no other choice, you may also change the EEPROM values with apcupsd. Before doing so, please make a printed copy of your UPS as it is before any EEPROM changes so that you can check the changes that you have made. Do so by printing a copy of the output from apcaccess status and also print a copy of the output from apcaccess eprom.

Once this is done, choose which values of the EEPROM you want to change. Choose the new values from the list provided by apcaccess eprom. For the battery date, and the UPS name, you can use any eight characters.

To make the EEPROM changes with apcupsd you must first stop the apcupsd daemon. See Stopping Apcupsd in the appropriate section of this manual. Then edit the appropriate configuration directive in /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf.

NOTE: we recommend that you change one EEPROM value at a time, by defining only one configuration directive at a time. After each change, check that everything is OK before proceeding to the next value you wish to change.

To actually change the EEPROM, as root with the apcupsd daemon stopped, enter:

apcupsd -c

When it has completed the reprogramming of the EEPROM, it will print the new STATUS report. Check that you got the expected results before continuing.

The list of configuration directives and the permitted values for the SmartUPS follows:

Valid EEPROM values for the SMART-UPS 1000

                         Config        Current  Permitted
Description              Directive     Value    Values
Upper transfer voltage   HITRANSFER    253      253 264 271 280 
Lower transfer voltage   LOTRANSFER    204      196 188 208 204 
Return threshold         RETURNCHARGE  15       00 15 50 90 
Output voltage on batts  OUTPUTVOLTS   230      230 240 220 225 
Sensitivity              SENSITIVITY   H        H M L L 
Low battery warning      LOWBATT       2        02 05 07 10 
Shutdown grace delay     SLEEP         180      020 180 300 600 
Alarm delay              BEEPSTATE     T        0 T L N 
Wakeup delay             WAKEUP        60       000 060 180 300 
Self test interval       SELFTEST      336      336 168 ON  OFF 

apcaccess eeprom will produce the list that is appropriate for your UPS.