JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API Documentation: Package edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.amiga
JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

Package edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.amiga

An inter-team communication facility modeled on the Amiga IPC system.


Class Summary
Facsimile NOTE: Facsimile is used since the message will be copied into the other team instead of just sharing like a Message.
FaxPort Local handle on a FaxPortBackEnd port.
FaxPortHandle A handle for sending faxes to other teams.
Message Base class for simple messages that can be sent between threads.
MsgPort A MsgPort is a simple communication mechanism for threads within the same team.
SignalDispatcher A SignalDispatcher provides some basic infrastructure for dispatching signals received by a SignalSet.
SignalHandler A SignalHandler is a base class for handlers that will be called by a SignalDispatcher.
SignalSet A SignalSet is a JanosVM implementation of the Amiga's signal system.

Error Summary
NoReplyPortError Error thrown if Facsimile/Message.reply() is used when the message doesn't have a reply port.
OutOfSignalsError Error thrown when a SignalSet has no more signals available.

Package edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.amiga Description

An inter-team communication facility modeled on the Amiga IPC system. This package provides an API for teams to safely share information without leaking pointers or indefinetly delaying termination. The semantics of the API are modeled on the IPC mechanism from the Amiga OS.

  • SignalSet - A set of bits used for signalling threads.
  • Message, MsgPort - A simple message base class and a port for sending and receiving messages.
  • Facsimile, FaxPort, FaxPortHandle, FaxPortBackEnd - These don't exist on the amiga because separate protection domains don't exist, so these are basically an extension of message ports that work cross team. They work by copying the message, hence the name, into the other team and then delivering it to the port.

  • JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

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