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Acknowledgements, Disclaimer


ChangeLog for Trf

The available commands

Trf commands: conversion

Trf commands: message digests

Trf commands: misc.

Trf commands: binio

Trf commands: bz2

Trf commands: transform

Trf commands: zip


Copyrights of the used algorithms and implementations

Possible problems while using Trf

Future work in trf

The installation manual

Compilation of trf

Compilation on Macintoshes

Compilation on Unix or Windows, in a TEA compliant manner.

Compilation on Unix

Compilation on <tt>Windows&#174;</tt>

Patching the tcl core

The SSLeay library

Background of trf, introduction to the documentation

Technical background of trf

News for Trf

Where to get the Trf distribution

Binary distributions for Trf

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