Platforms LessTif runs under

This page lists the platforms that we know LessTif builds on. If your platform isn't listed here, don't get discouraged: not only that this list is not complete, but in any case there's a good chance it will build, and more importantly, run. If you do get it running, please drop us an email, so we can add your platform to the list below.

A list of prerequisites for building is given in our Installation Instructions, further platform specific issues are mentioned in our FAQ.

OS Sample configurations
Operating System (Vendor) OS, Environment Architecture Compiler
  AIX 3.25 RS6000? GCC-2.6.x, cc
4.1.x RS6000? GCC-2.6.x
  BeOS Release 5 i86 GCC 2.9
  Compaq Tru64 5.0 AXP (Alpha)  
  Digital Unix 4.0 AXP (Alpha) GCC-2.7.2
4.0 AXP (Alpha) Digital cc
  FreeBSD 2.1.* i86 GCC-2.6.3
3.X i86 GCC
4.0-current i86 GCC-2.95.2
  HP-UX 9.0.4 PA-RISC HP cc
10.02 PA-RISC GCC-2.7.2
  Linux 2.0.34 i86/Athlon GCC-
2.0.18 Alpha GCC-2.7.2
2.0.20 68030 GCC-2.7.2
2.0.21 PowerPC GCC-2.7.2
2.2.14 MIPS R3000, big-endian egcs-2.91.66
SuSE Linux for IBM S/390 IBM 9672 G6 Model Z X7 gcc
psilinux (Debian ARM) Psion 5MX gcc 2.94.4
  MacOS X Public Beta (1H39) PowerMacintosh cc/gcc
  MkLinux R1, DR3 PowerMacintosh  
  NetBSD 1.3, 1.4 i86  
1.4 AXP (Alpha)  
1.5 SPARC gcc 2.95.3
1.2 m68k (Amiga 3000) GCC-2.7.2
  OpenBSD 2.0 i86 GCC-
2.0 m68k (Sun3) GCC-
  Psion Linux based on Debian Woody for ARM, XFree 4.1.0 Psion 5mx GCC 3.04
  IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0 i86 GCC-2.7.2
Warp 4.0 i86/Athlon GCC-2.8.1
  QNX QNX 6    
  SGI/Irix Irix 6.3   irix cc
  Sun Solaris 2.4 SPARC GCC-
Solaris 2.5 SPARC GCC-2.7.2
SunOS 4.1.4 SPARC GCC-2.7.2
  UnixWare 2.1.2 i86 GCC
7 i86 GCC
Cygwin i86 GCC
  Windows NT/2000 AT&T and Wipro U/WIN i86 GCC
Interix 2.2
(formerly Open NT)
i86 GCC

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