The Future of LessTif

The following statement of the current LessTif developers ("core team") comments on the recent move of the OpenGroup® to release the source of their Motif implementation:

Meanwhile the sources of Motif® are "available", however usage of the OpenGroup®'s implementation does neither match the OpenSource definition nor any more general definition of "free" usage, it's in fact rather limited. Most striking problem might be that it can not be used on almost all platforms! (see the OpenMotif license)
In this situation there's obviously still need for LessTif to provide a LGPL'ed version of this interface which can be used on the vast majority of operating systems (only limited by technical problems upon porting; it likely builds on more systems than OM). Once the OpenGroup® would release OpenMotif under a license compatible with a common OpenSource definition LessTif _might_ become obsolete.
So we encourage people still to use, test and enhance LessTif. Until the details have been worked out any code contributors shouldn't look very closely at the OpenGroup®'s sources to avoid any possible license violation.

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