Downloading LessTif

All the LessTif software packages are assembled nicely on the files section of our SourceForge.Net project page.

The easiest way to get started if you're a Linux user with a traditional PC is to grab all four of the binary RPM files, as described in the table below. This means that you should grab and install all of the lesstif-*.i386.rpm files. You can choose to install a subset of those four files, but we continue to get questions about that.

Other places that offer these files include the Hungry FTP server ( and its mirrors.

Those who want to use the most up to date software can choose to use the bleeding edge version, directly out of our CVS.

If you have trouble with a specific release, you may wish to see the known problems file.
Also make sure you have read the FAQ as well as the Installation instructions!
You should check these files before sending mail to the developers.

Latest Release

The latest official LessTif release is 0.93.96 . It has been available since September 26, 2004.

Available Packages

These are the various files that may be available at the ftp sites for a given release. Binary distributions are available only - if at all - for a small number of platforms: Linux, OS/2 (with XFree86OS/2) and Cygwin (Microsoft Windows with the Cygnus layer).
You may however check for additional contributed binaries.
If there's no binary distribution for your system, you can always get the source and build yourself!

Operating System Package Description
Source Code
(platform independent)
lesstif-0.XX.X.tar.gz Tar archive (compressed with GNU Zip)
lesstif-0.XX.X.tar.bz2 Tar archive (compressed with bzip2)
RPM based linuxes for x86 (Intel/AMD/...) processors e.g. Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, ...
lesstif-0.XX.X-1.i386.rpm the LessTif dynamic libraries. To run "foreign" binary applications dynamically linked against LessTif, this is all you need.
lesstif-mwm-0.XX.X-1.i386.rpm The LessTif clone of the Motif Window Manager. Requires lesstif-0.XX.X-1.i386.rpm. You only need this if you want to run mwm.
lesstif-devel-0.XX.X-1.i386.rpm The LessTif header files required to develop Motif based applications. Package also contains development documentation in html (LessDox), and mxmkmf for LessTif.
lesstif-clients-0.XX.X-1.i386.rpm The xmbind and uil programs. Requires lesstif-0.XX.X-1.i386.rpm.
Any RPM based Linux lesstif-0.XX.X-1.src.rpm The source RPM for all of the above binary RPM's.
OS/2 Pre-built binaries for OS/2 systems running XFree86.
Cygwin lesstif-cygwin-0.xx.x.tar.bz2 Pre-built binaries for Microsoft Windows systems augmented with the Cygwin layer of UNIX emulation software.

Other Binaries

Additional contributed binaries may be found on the file section of our SF website.
Also you could download there source and binary releases older than the current ones, but why should anybody do that? :-)

Thank you

Thanks to the free software community, and especially to SuSE for providing the tools needed to build all this wonderful software. The binary RPM's of recent releases of LessTif have all been built under SuSE Linux.
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