The LessTif Core Team

A LessTif core member is a person who has write CVS access, i.e., who can commit patches directly to the LessTif source tree. Typically they are the most active developers. It should be noted, however, that anyone can submit a patch to the mailing list or our Patch Manager at SourceForge, but only the core team members can merge the patches with the source.
The list below may no longer be accurate. Since our CVS repository has been moved to we also have a new list of developers with write access.

  Core Team Members
  Danny Backx  
  Rick Scott  
  Alexander Mai  

Here's a list of developers which previously participated in this project:
  Former Core Team Members
  Chris Toshok (the brave soul who started all this)  
  Mitch Miers  
  Rob McMullen  
  Peter van Helden  
  Jon Fo  
  Peter Williams  
  Jon A. Christopher  
  Marcus Butler  
  Karsten Jensen
  Jamie Gritton
  Till Straumann  
  CP Hennessy

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