LessTif on CD-ROM

LessTif is available on several CD-ROMS. If you know of any more, please let us know!

  LessTif CD-ROMS
Cheap*Bytes provides several Linux distributions on CD. LessTif is on the CDs.
Debian/GNU Linux distributions should all contain LessTif.
Software in the Public Interest (the organization that produces Debian) doesn't burn CD-ROMs, but they do provide CD images.
Redhat Software provides LessTif with Redhat Linux.
Pacific HiTech includes LessTif on their monthly Linux archive CD's.
Mjolner Informatics ApS (Denmark) includes LessTif with the Linux version of their cross-platform development suite.
GNU includes LessTif with their source cd.
The GNU releases aren't very frequent, though, so unless you need all the other GNU tools on CD-ROM (which isn't a bad idea) this probably isn't your best bet.
S.u.S.E provides LessTif with S.u.S.E Linux.
BMTMicro includes LessTif binaries on a CDROM with XFree86 and other ported software for OS/2.

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