LessTif Advocacy

This page summarizes a number of publications that mention LessTif. Unfortunately we're entirely too modest (this is true !) so please know that there are more references to LessTif out there.

Online References

Jon Christopher wrote an Editorial on LessTif for SlashDot.org, a very prominent technically oriented news site.

In an article ( Godzilla vs. Your System ) in Performance Computing, Eric Foster-Johnson writes about Netscape's freely available browser, Mozilla. The tests he does are on SlackWare 3.5 which includes LessTif 0.83 (ancient !). While he reports about some problems which we've since fixed, he concludes that the program looks like a commercial application with a clean, crisp user interface. (By the way, he couldn't get Mozilla to work on a commercial UNIX® system with real Motif®.)

Danny wrote an article on LessTif for the Motif Zone, a free online publication about Motif and X. The article focuses on how we got started with LessTif, what it aims to accomplish, where we are now, and why we need people to help.

LessTif in a Linux Gazette article


There's a LessTif web button available!

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