Class Irc::BotRegistry
In: rbot/registry.rb
Parent: Object
Class: JoinMessage Class: PartMessage Class: Plugins Class: KickMessage Class: IrcAuth Class: IRCChannel Class: IrcSocket Class: BotConfig Class: Keywords Class: BotRegistryAccessor Class: IrcClient Class: DBHash Class: Language Class: TopicMessage Class: QuitMessage Class: PrivMessage Class: UserMessage Class: NoticeMessage Class: IrcBot Class: BasicUserMessage Class: NickMessage Class: Plugin Class: BotRegistry Class: Keyword Class: DBTree Module: Irc

this is the backend of the RegistryAccessor class, which ties it to a DBHash object called plugin_registry(.db). All methods are delegated to the DBHash.

method_missing    new    upgrade_data   
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method_missing(method, *args, &block)

delegation hack


check for older versions of rbot with data formats that require updating NB this function is called early in init(), pretty much all you have to work with is @bot.botclass.