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by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

tinyc2l Pretty print C/C++/Java source code using LaTeX.
A small converter for pretty printing C/C++/Java source code using LaTeX. Features include: ease of use; use roman font for standard output for better legibility of the generated text; use direct positioning of TeX boxes to preserve vertical structures in the source text; context-sensitive linebreaking---linebreaking is not done by TeX, only by the supported macros, so the language structure is considered when breaking a line. For example, if a C++ comment is broken, the continuation line starts also with //. If a string or preprocessor line is broken, it gets an \ at the end of the line. If you would convert the generated dvi file back to ASCII, you get a valid source text again; some special comment styles (fill comments, block comments, embedded LaTeX comments); insert LaTeX text into comments; special support for multiple file projects: The generated files can be used as standalone files or as include file in a larger project without modification (if they are used as include file, the wrapper file must only include the position package in the package list; everything else is done automagically); lines may be omitted from output.
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