The TeX Catalogue Online

by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

tetex The TeX distribution for Unix/Linux.
A comprehensive distribution of TeX, LaTeX and family, particulalry designed to be very easy to install (20 minutes) and customise with a well organised and compliant TDS (TeX Directory Structure) and fast file searching. Include web2c , pdfTeX , e-TeX, Omega , xdvi , dvips , dvilj, ps2pk, makeinfo, texinfo , and texconfig. PDF files with hyperlinks and thumbnails can be created either by using dvips and ps2pdf/distiller or more directly by using pdfTeX . PostScript with resolution-independant fonts can be generated due to the included postscript type 1 fonts.
Visit CTAN:systems/unix/teTeX Download from somewhere nearby (Search) Download from Dante License: dfsg     Version: 1.0.1     Catalogued: 1999/06/07